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Astrid [userpic]
by Astrid (modastrid)
at December 16th, 2007 (10:19 pm)

Our little Christmas
 We're living in a temporary house with my parents till January so my husband and I decorated our bedroom for christmas this year in a smaller scale. We don't have any of our old christmas stuff with us.. this is just what I've thrifted/ ebayed in the last month or so.
(Just wait until we have our whole apartment next year!)
DSCN0076.jpg picture by thepsychedelicpurse

DSCN0075.jpg picture by thepsychedelicpurse

DSCN0074.jpg picture by thepsychedelicpurse
The Santa is a spagetti santa from the 50s-60s.. and the other santa is a candle holder from the same time period.
Found them yesterday at the thrift.
DSCN0073.jpg picture by thepsychedelicpurse
Notice the pink reindeer have mohawks... very rock'n'roll vintage christmas.
The dream pets just seemed to fit. The two dogs are snow rescue dogs.. and the kangaroo is green! I found them at the thrift the other day for 50cents all together in a bag.