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dixie [userpic]
by dixie (vintagelover)
at March 5th, 2006 (10:57 am)

Retro Christmas ComicsCollapse )

dixie [userpic]
by dixie (vintagelover)
at February 7th, 2006 (08:46 pm)

my deer from mars have some new friends

dixie [userpic]
by dixie (vintagelover)
at January 11th, 2006 (05:11 pm)

vintage Christmas photosCollapse )

dixie [userpic]
by dixie (vintagelover)
at January 6th, 2006 (08:13 pm)

i am taking down my tree, boo hooCollapse )

dixie [userpic]
by dixie (vintagelover)
at January 1st, 2006 (03:08 pm)

Christmas thingsCollapse )

burtonsmith [userpic]
New member
by burtonsmith (burtonsmith)
at December 30th, 2005 (08:11 pm)

Hooray! A community devoted to vintage Christmas! I'm very happy to have stumbled into your community. I LOVE vintage Christmas items. Below is a closeup photo of some ornaments hanging on my feather tree this year. There are two more under the cut. The feather tree is a reproduction. I made it from a kit years ago.

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R. Mars [userpic]
Happy Holidays
by R. Mars (normavalentine)
at December 23rd, 2005 (11:20 pm)

Monimania [userpic]
Merry Christmas again!
by Monimania (monimania)
at December 23rd, 2005 (10:25 am)
current mood: working
current song: Sarah McLachlan-BNL - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Ok one last thing!!!! I forgot my vintage Lawn flamingos I got at an estate sale this year, there are two big ones and a small one and they are some type of plastery plastic, not like the flamingos they make now and the small one is dated 1958, I put Santa hats on them , they are inside in my potted plants, they are faded and there is rust on their metal stick legs but I love them!

Merry Kitschmas!!Collapse )

Monimania [userpic]
Merry Christmas!
by Monimania (monimania)
at December 22nd, 2005 (02:06 pm)

current mood: ditzy
current song: Captain Sensible- One Christmas Catalogue

Here are some of my Vintage Christmas ornaments and decorations, I didn't put them up but I pulled them out of a box and here they are

Merry Christmas!!Collapse )